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Egyedi autonóm járművek ROBOSHERPA (AGV)




We want to adapt our vehicles to the production environment and conditions of our customers so that they do not have to adapt the conditions and spaces to our vehicles.“    


These autonomous vehicles are unique, as we focus mainly on applications in the production environment. There we can use all the gained experience from a wide range of automation and robotics projects. Production facilities often differ and require the specific product handling between lines by an operator. For the transportation itself they use different types of pallets, boxes, bins or trolleys. Just at that moment, our autonomous vehicles are being used, which offers an alternative to product handling within production facilities as well as completely unique technologies, such as omnidirectional motion, which ensures product supply in very tight spaces, which leads to time, space and costs savings. This is a development from start to finish, every project part is custom-made, according to the wishes and requirements of the customer, all with an average return of investments within 1.5 years.


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