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Industrial Communication Protocols

EtherNet/IP™ is an open industrial Ethernet network capable of handling discrete, safety, motion, process, and drive control applications. EtherNet/IP helps to enable secure, real-time information between machines, systems, and enterprises. This network allows information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) professionals to more easily meet their business goals.

We are a member of ODVA, who defines standards and develops tools for the deployment of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). CIP is an application layer protocol that is shared by a family of industrial networks, EtherNet/IP, ControlNet™, and DeviceNet™. It provides industrial networking for safety, time synchronization, motion control, and information. This protocol provides CIP Safety™, CIP Sync™, CIP Motion™, CIP Energy™, and CIP Security™ services.


Tested and Validated Reference Architectures

Proven Architectures with Design and Implementation Guidance Help Speed Deployment

Rockwell Automation and Cisco collaborated to develop Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) Architectures. These industrial-focused reference architectures provide users with the foundation to successfully deploy the latest technologies. The design and implementation guides include plant-wide focused, tested, validated, and documented reference architectures. Comprised of Rockwell Automation and Cisco expertise, the documents provide a foundation to help reduce risk and successfully deploy the latest technologies optimized for both OT and IT engineers.



A thorough industrial network design can help reduce your exposure to risks, unexpected costs, and future performance issues. We take a collaborative approach to help you design a secure industrial network that is built for today and is scalable for tomorrow. When you leverage our Industrial Network Products, we can quickly design and deploy a network aligned to the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) guidelines, industry standards, and business requirements.



 Get Your Network Quickly Up and Running, and Minimize Future Issues

To efficiently implement your network, you must be able to manage a number of factors. We can help navigate the entire implementation process, from meeting your time and budget goals to simplifying vendor procurement. By tapping into our partnerships with companies like Cisco and Panduit, we can install a robust, secure network that helps increase systems availability. We offer a range of implementation services including turnkey projects, pre-engineered, and customized solutions.



We supply hardware components for the EtherNet/IP networks enabling full integration of Rockwell Automation industrial devices, as well as modules enabling the integration of third-party devices communicating on the basis of other industrial network protocols. We design industrial wifi networks using high-speed wireless radio modems. We offer long-distance network communication solutions via UHF / VHF radio modems and GSM radio modems.



With greater connectivity comes greater risk for security threats. These threats can take many forms, from bad actor hackers to well-intentioned mistakes. Cybersecurity events can impact network availability, interrupt operations, and stop productivity. You need a team of trusted experts on your side, providing outstanding protection against security threats – so you can continue to innovate and prosper. Our industrial security services can help secure your infrastructure, help protect assets, and maintain network availability.

Identify and Protect

The first step you need to take to manage your security posture is to assess the current state of things. It’s impossible to become completely risk free, but we will help you establish a tolerable level of risk for your operating environments. This includes understanding your security posture within your software, networks, control system, policies and procedures, and employee behaviors.

With domain expertise in both IT principles and industrial automation, our team has the expertise and skills to identify the cybersecurity risk to your industrial assets.

Protect Against Threats

Once you have evaluated your current security state and identified the risks, it is time to safeguard your operations against a vast landscape of threats. Our trusted industrial security services team can help you develop and implement a cybersecurity solution to help protect your industrial control systems using a defense in depth security approach.

Leveraging the latest in security technology, we implement protective measures such as authentication, access control, data security, and patch management. The solutions we implement are in accordance with the currently valid standards.


Easy and secure remote access

 We offer you a proposal for an easy, reliable and secure remote access solution. Get access to your homes and offices easily and quickly, without deep knowledge and complex settings, via mobile operator networks and the Internet. Of course, there is a high level of security, including support for Apple IOS or Android mobile platforms.


Software installation

Our team of specialists can offer advice on installing Rockwell Automation software products. We can advise you on the configuration of individual automation devices, installation of basic configuration software, programming or visualization applications. We will suggest the optimal use of virtual servers, thin clients and remote access for your network.  Based on your requirements, we will set up a secure data interface between OT and IT networks in your enterprise and the access rights of users or user groups to individual devices, software applications or data sources. In cooperation with our experts, you can optimize the setup of your software systems so that they reliably provide the necessary data at the right time for efficient management of your automated operations.