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The industrial skills gap is putting pressure on the manufacturing workforce like never before. The complexity of the operational and technical systems they must design, operate, and maintain is increasing. Diverse skillsets are in demand to match the expanded roles and responsibilities of many positions. A generation of skilled workers is retiring, taking valuable tribal knowledge with them.

From e-learning and instructor-led courses to certificate programs and training workstations, we provide an array of opportunities for workers to learn, train and grow. Our training options help bridge the industrial skills gap for employees and employers alike.


Learning+ Training Subscriptions (includes e-learning)

Our Learning+ Training subscriptions include a combination of the self-paced experience of e-learning with in-class collaboration with instructors, labs, and additional training content, all in a virtual environment. It provides the flexibility and convenience of learning when and where you need it most.



Our virtual e-learning courses incorporate a variety of fundamental and product-specific topics to deliver a world-class training solution directly to your plant floor or location of your choice. Each learning module contains activities, software simulations, and demonstration videos to help reinforce learning concepts. Find a variety of courses covering major automation technologies, including motion, drives, control, visualization and networking.


Remote Training

Reduce training costs, save time and implement more efficient use of your training investments.

Standard course experience and agenda in a remote format available for selected courses (Logix and Software). Composition of lectures and hands-on labs using real workstations with cameras to help reinforce learning concepts. Available from any location and designed around your schedule, where the only tool you need is the web browser.


Instructor-led Courses

A wide array of open enrollment courses can help get your employees trained on Rockwell Automation technologies. Courses are designed to align with specific job functions and focus on relevant job tasks. Courses are open to all participants and are located at the at Rockwell Automation offices or at your workplace.


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